My Work



Often individuals, jewellery houses,and designers pay a premium for the low quality stones which they buy for their jewellery or personal use hence spending more than what is required.

Being an Accredited Gemologist I deal in assessing the authenticity and quality of the gemstones (lusture,cut,proportion,colour,hue,saturation,tone,etc.) Which helps in its valuation thereby helping you make a smart decision and ofcourse save your money….isn’t that great !!!

I provide following consultancy and trade services :-

For individuals/collectors – helping them to invest in high quality investment grade stones to diversify their asset portfolio

For jewellery house/designers- helping them to asses the quality of their stones or to get a consistent supply of precious graded stones.

For startup jewelry owners- helping them in choosing right stones for their unique jewellery products…

If you fall in anyone of these category don’t hesitate to drop me a message !!!!